Monday Manicure: Zombie Splatter Nails

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On Saturday thousands of people dressed up as their favorite undead and created a flash mob to run through the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. I was one of the thousands and HAD to try the splatter nail technique to get my nails into the spirit as well. Using Revlon Top Speed #810 Hazy under an old red I had, it turned out great!

Splatter Zombie Nails

Hit the jump for a few pictures of my favorite zombies along with the first minute of “Thriller” as performed by dozens of the undead.

I must say that the kids really represented this year! The Disney theme provided for tons of tiny undead princesses. Spectacular job by all!


A Clockwork Zombie

CDC Zombies

Bath Salt Zombies


Best Minnie Zombie!

Honorable Mention Minnie & Pluto


Mommies make the best zombies

Zombie Flash Mob!

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST! THIRLLER! As performed by a bunch of undead people with rhythm.

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  1. Bridget Says:

    The chick with the baby is creepy. And the wheelchair guy? Funniest shirt. Ever.

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